Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Essex is currently evaluating sustainability disclosure and welcomes input from its stockholders in this process.
Essex is committed to keeping residents' well-being as a top priority, creating a positive workplace for all employees, and reducing our environmental footprint, all of which should contribute to long-term returns for our investors.

Over 100,000 residents live in our communities; we seek to maintain their well-being by fostering a community atmosphere and providing a healthy living environment


1,850+ employees work at Essex; we aim to provide a safe and sound work environment for our employees to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction while helping us realize long-term returns


We operate 240+ multifamily communities; we seek to reduce our environmental footprint through our resource management initiatives and by developing new communities that meet high environmental standards

  • Great Communities to Live
    Wellness amenities: 84% and 86% of our communities have pool and fitness centers onsite, respectively.
    Smoke-free apartments.
    Over 20% of communities have EV charging stations.
    Over 25% of employees live onsite with a 20% or more discount exclusive to employees.
  • Positive Place to Work
    Employees were recognized with 2,329 awards and 215 trophies in 2018.
    82% of employees participate in our engagement survey.
    66% of employees participate in health and well-being initiatives.
    55% of corporate employees are female and 54% of corporate management positions are held by women.
    65% of all employees are minorities.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    Earned the GRESB Green Star for the third year in a row in 2018, GRESB’s highest designation.
    100% of communities and corporate offices are reducing paper usage with digital workflows.
    Over 80% of newly built apartments in the last 4 years obtained Green or LEED building certificates.
    See the Awards and Recognition section for details.
    50 LED retrofits, 20 water conservation projects, and 13 solar panel installations, retrofit projects completed in 2018.


At Essex, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") impact all aspects of our business and contribute to the success of the organization. We are committed to providing a great place to live for our residents and a positive work environment for our employees, while simultaneously minimizing our impact on the environment. With better data and proven programs, we have expanded our CSR efforts across our portfolio, decreased our environmental footprint, and improved the lives of our residents. We are confident these initiatives will continue to contribute to long-term sustainable returns for our shareholders.


More than a decade ago, we launched several new initiatives aimed at integrating sustainable practices that expanded from our development and renovation projects to all aspects of our business. In 2008, we completed our first Green-certified development project. Since then, we have achieved Green or LEED certifications on 25 additional development projects, representing almost 7,500 sustainable apartments. Our Resource Management Department, established in 2008, helped organize partnerships with local communities to participate in energy efficiency programs and completed countless energy conservation projects throughout our portfolio, which garnered over $5 million worth of installations at no cost to the Company. Today, every Essex community has implemented certain environmental best practices and we continue to seek opportunities to improve.

  • Conserve

    We use smart irrigation systems, rain sensors, drought-tolerant native plants and efficient plumbing fixtures to control and reduce water consumption. We conserve energy as well, using everything from thermal windows and upgraded insulation to ENERGY STAR® appliances. Efficient lighting reduces electricity usage up to 30%, while high-efficiency boilers and CO systems reduce our electricity and gas usage another 20%. We also keep adding ways to renew energy, such as installing solar panels, solar-heating our pools and purchasing wind-sourced energy.

  • Recycle

    In addition to promoting and providing recycling at every community and corporate office, we also encourage composting, offer safe disposal of hazardous waste and have reduced the use of plastic water bottles.

  • Reduce

    We’re working to lessen automobile pollution, beginning with our choice of communities that are conveniently located near public transportation and basic services. Some communities also offer ZipCars, electric car charging stations, and bicycle storage to encourage bicycling over driving. We are also working towards eliminating paper waste with online portals that allow our residents to complete routine tasks conveniently online.

  • Purify

    We’re actively working to improve indoor air quality in our apartment homes and offices, such as: eliminating harsh chemicals, providing smoke-free areas, using no- or low-VOC paints, cleaning with green products, and installing carpets that are Green Label Plus certified.

  • Proof

    We seek state-level or national recognition with most of our new construction projects, and many of our communities are already Gold or Silver LEED certified or GreenPoint Rated.* We have received numerous awards for our efforts, many of which are listed in the Awards and Recognition section.

  • Share

    We encourage you to join in our conservation efforts, spread the word among your friends and, if you’re a resident, give us an opportunity to address any problems or implement your suggestions. Together we can make the earth a better place to live for all of us.

    We also encourage input from our shareholders as to how we can improve our sustainability efforts and disclosures.

*LEED is a nationally recognized program established by the U.S. Green Building Council to encourage the design of environmentally responsible buildings. GreenPoint Rated is California-specific program through Build It Green, which encourages healthy, energy- and resource-efficient building practices in the state.